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It is no small undertaking to carry out plans of this
proportion, in this country, in this generation.

Every possible means should be devised to establish schools of the Madison order...
- Spalding and Magan Collection, 423
Beehive Community Services
Business Directions

Business / Franchise

Beehive Community Services is a trading name of Madison Missions Australia Ltd.

Beehive aspires to be a franchise with different businesses.

Beehive is based on a belief that self-supporting ministries should support themselves.

Business training is essential for self-supporting missionaries.

Selling Now

Beehive Food ServicesBeehive PiesBeehive Farm


Beehive Tree ServicesBeehive Firewood


Cleaning ServiceCleaning Service

Mowing Ser iceMowing Service

Coaching ServiceCoaching Service

Maintenance ServiceMaintenance Service

Beehive Websites

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Black Spur Roadhouse

Madison Missions purchased the Black Spur Roadhouse in early March. We are excited at the opportunity this has provided. Read more below.

Photos of the Black Spur Roadhouse


Read about the Roadhouse & Beehive Services.

Health Ministry


1To proclaim the Three Angels' Message with the health message to: those who are sick, those who want to prevent sickness, those who want to help others who are sick.

2To lead people to receive Jesus as their personal Savior.

3To introduce the Creator God, His character, His plan for salvation, and His principles for healthy living.

4To provide health education that creates a change of lifestyle.

5To provide ideal conditions by which people can experience restoration physically, mentally, and spiritually.


1God is our Creator, Savior, Healer, and Provider. As such, we depend fully upon Him to be our Healer. Treatment methods such as massage, hydrotherapy & herbs will be used sparingly and when needed. We do not want to lead people to believe that treatments alone have healed them. We point solely to Jesus Christ as Healer, the One who has given us His health laws, His natural healing power, the Restorer of body, mind, and soul. For this reason, the practices of the sanitarium will be simple health education and experience. Health guests will be encouraged to put full faith in Jesus for healing.

2Primarily this is a gospel/benevolent work, therefore a set fee will not be required. Guest are invited to give a donation of their choice, according to individual means, which will be accepted with gratitude.

3The center will run continously to meet the timing needs of each health guest. There will not be set program dates.

4Health education, implementation of NEWSTART in daily life, spiritual education leading to revival & reformation, and salvation-topics such as the Creator God, physical & spiritual healing, salvation, how to have a relationship with God, prayer, etc. will be the emphasis of the program.

A Departure from Traditional Health Retreat Models.

The Maker Heals may be seen as a radical departure from Health Retreat Models typically seen in Australia.

Christ the Creator, and harmony with Him is upheld as the first and most important aspect of healing. We seek not only to educate in God's health laws, but to acknowledge and direct individuals to the Creator as the One who heals.

Read the "FAQ & Program Details" section for more on how we would market this program.

The Maker Heals is less staff-intensive. It does not require treatments such as massage, hydrotherapy, herbal remedies, etc. This is unique. This enables the Madison Mission team, staff & volunteers in 2020 to continue to focus on industry/business growth.

The great object of this institution should be to improve the health of the body, that the afflicted may more highly appreciate eternal things. If this object is not continually set before the mind and efforts are not made to this end, it will prove a curse instead of a blessing, spirituality will be regarded as a secondary thing, and the health of the body and diversion will be made primary.

I saw that the high standard should not be lowered in the least in order that the institution may be patronized by unbelievers.

Testimonies Volume 1, pg 564
Written in 1867 to The Health Institute at Battle Creek

Why We Chose
The Maker Heals

1The means of healing, and the success of the whole venture is in God's hands, entirely. We cannot humanly guarantee a certain outcome as much as we may be able to with other retreat models. Therefore it is a matter of faith. The healing outcome for every guest is determined at a spiritual level, and therefore is in God's hands. We facilitate and seek to bring each individual to God, educate in God's health laws and lead to life revival and reformation.

2Simplicity. God's ways are simple. Usually the most simple solutions are the correct ones.

3Availability of trained facilitator from Bethel Sanitarium (Korea) to spear-head the program and train our staff.

4Can help many of our fellow Seventh-day Adventist brethren and lead to revival and reformation.

5High success in other countries where this model is applied. High spiritual success with many more baptisms of non-SDAs than other health centre models.

6Many incredible life-changing testimonies from those who have experienced this program in other countries, including full recovery from very serious life-threatening diseases. Stories, the likes of which we rarely hear about in retreats here in Australia.

7Low resource-intensive. Enables additional focus on other parts of the vision.

FAQ & Program Details

Why change?

We plan to try a different approach in financing a health retreat, using new industries as income streams instead of relying heavily on donations. This could enable new possibilities for health ministry. Until we stabilize these industries, we will run a simpler health retreat model.

What will happen to Abide Wellness Retreat?

Abide Wellness Retreat will remain closed, while we implement "The Maker Heals". The next steps will become clearer as we move forward, and as providence leads.

Did COVID-19 change your plans?

Yes. COVID changed a lot of things. We now can focus on starting industries and implementing "The Maker Heals".

But it's not wrong to charge people?
Why donation basis?

Yes. It is not wrong to charge people. It is also not wrong to run a benevolent ministry. We see that both have a place and can potentially be successful. Donation basis allows those who can afford to pay, to do so if they wish, and those who can't afford much, to still be ministered to and helped.

So are you only helping Adventists or Christians?
How is this marketed to the non-Churched?

Where implemented, this model has resulted in significantly more church growth than other models. It works because of God's power to heal. As Adventists find healing and restoration, non-Adventists come seeking the same. Marketing is primarily word-of-mouth, based on testimonies of attendees/guests. Growth is organic and natural.

Who will be leading "The Maker Heals"?

The programs will be facilitated by Joy Cho, assisted by Emmanuel Higgins.
Joy is associated with the Bethel Sanitarium in South Korea. Bethel Sanitarium has succeeded in reaching people for Christ and bringing healing for more than 30 years. Joy has trained with Mrs. Choi Cha Soon, the founder of Bethel Sanitarium. Emmanuel has several years experience working in health retreats here in Australia.

Joy ChoEmmanuel Higgins

Training School

AIM: Accept an individual fresh from high-school. Send them out after several years, equipped for self-supporting success, financially & spiritually.

What can we learn from those who have gone before us?

Madison College

Hugely successful program from 1904 - 1964. Motto of "Skills, Knowledge, Character". Big emphasis on self-supporting industry. Trained youth for success. Success in ministry and industry.

Wholistic skills, Bible, health, medical training plus training in many industries.

ARISE Australia

Successful discipleship and training program based in Kingscliffe, NNSW. Conference endorsed with ministry career pathway.

Bible-worker training.

Other Australian Bible Colleges

It Is Written Evangelism College, Eastward Missionary College, Cannot Be Hidden College, Highwood College. Each successful for a time.

Trained in Gospel & Health evangelism.

Learning from their success and failure.

They succeed when:

Provided a career pathway

Had an independent financial base OR successful industries

Were successful in evangelism

Owned facilities

They failed when:

Not attractive to youth

Toxic church relationship

Reliant on donations

Inadequate or borrowed facilities

Unable to pay staff

From the secret place of prayer came the power that shook the world...
Great Controversy 210

Madison College

A Model Institution

This was the only self-supporting organisation on which Ellen White sat on the board.

The 1930s were Madison's "Golden Age," a time of great prosperity and influence. The college thrived during the Depression, when many non-self-supporting colleges were forced to close their doors.

"Education and real life meet in this institution where students earn their own way to learning" - Readers Digest, 1938

Madison had 27 campus industries run by the students and teachers. Students left college with not one, but several industry skills.

Students worked 5 hours, and studied 5 hours every day.

Madison had 120 college and sanitarium buildings over 900-acres.

Self-employed Missionary

Imagine a college that trains youth to be self-employed missionaries.

The waldenses, apostles & Bible prophets did this.

Student Pathway

Student / UserArrow Down

Learn Scripture


Theory Classes

Bible, Health, Christian Living, Music, Business, Accounting, & much more.

Experience & Learn
Two Industries

Beehive Community Services

Experience & Learn
Health Ministry

The Maker Heals

Experience & Learn
Youth Ministry & Evangelism

Eastward Missions

Experience & Learn

Beehive Farm
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Self-Supporting Missionary

Self-supporting Missionary

Education Summary

A training facility for ages 16+.

Implement inspired principles of education as exemplified in Madison College.

Key components:

All Scripture subjects

Personal spiritual life and practical godliness

Health, physiology and healing

Work / study program

Industry practicum (in multiple industries)

Literature evangelism practicum

Health evangelism practicum

Youth ministry practicum

The institution needs financially successful industries for students to replicate after they graduate.

Students leaving the college should be:

Spiritually converted

Scripturally grounded

Financially successful

Passionate for ministry

We want to give students a way to achieve financial success without a university degree, and with an option of self-employment.

Students need to be employable based on portfolio, experience or product, rather than a university degree. This rules out some industries (medical, accounting, etc.). But leaves many other possibilities: IT, media, web, agriculture, sales, etc.

The unique selling point will be training entrepreneurs and sole traders. This is a niche that doesn't compete with universities and existing colleges.

Beehive Industries

Franchise - Beehive Community Services

Students would have a career pathway to operating their own business under the Beehive Community Services Franchise. Students leaving the school are then supported with a franchise package to open their own business. The business would not only be focussed on financially supporting the individual, but also providing ministry leads and contacts. The franchise line should be reasonably low-capital investment.

Beehive Community Services

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Evangelism Centre

The Eastward team have been running youth-led literature evangelism programs right around Australia since 2014. We have distributed more than 60,000 books, and published a vegan cookbook and an edition of The Great Controversy. Thousands of each have been distributed.

The facility in Narbethong can become an incredible hub for this evangelistic work and enable it to expand in ways before impossible, both allowing us to publish new evangelistic books, and as a base for growing youth literature evangelism.

In addition we seek to support churches & church plants in and around Melbourne with Beehive Services and The Maker Heals.

We have developed software to help manage Bible work & Literature Evangelism.

We have great interest in utilising technology and media for evangelism.

Youth Ministry

The Music Camps & D'Sozo Camps have touched the hearts of young people from around Australia & New Zealand. This fabulous youth ministry opportunity can now be brought to 291 Maroondah Hwy, Narbethong (Abide).

Over time we will need to develop further bunkhouse and amenity facilities to cater for larger youth groups.

Young Person at Music Camp

...a complete change in my child!

“The ministry you and your team are devoting yourselves to is indeed a life saving, life changing experience that teenagers/youth need... I am writing to thank you all for awakening a love for the Lord in my child. The joy I have in my heart literally spilled out as tears of joy ... now [they are] wanting to be baptised"
- A happy mother

"...I have waited a lifetime to experience such blessed richness of fellowship and music making to the glory of our God. ... A little foretaste of heaven!"
- Dr Don Roy

Agriculture Hub

Since 2017, Cultivate Conference (under Eastward) has brought together Adventist Agriculturalists from accross the pacific, and networked with the Adventist Agricultural Association in the United States.

Our facility at Narbethong is ideally situated to be an agriculture base for Cultivate, with ample space and facilities. We look forward to hosting the next Cultivate Conference here and continuing to support Agriculture development and education.

Agriculture will be an important part of the Madison Mission student experience.


Our mission is to encourage and nurture young people, families, gardeners and farmers to grow into God's given plan for agriculture through networking, mentoring, and information sharing.

the Team

Emmanuel Higgins


Hamdessa Jarra


Andy Hopkins


Tim Hopkins


Shanna Duke


Kayla Reay


Jessica Granger


Jylan Wynne


Kasey Duke


Madison Missions Australia Ltd. is owned and driven by young people with proven dedication and commitment for this work.

We have spent several years together in part-time and full-time gospel, literature and youth ministry with Eastward Missions.

The directors, Tim, Andy and Emmanuel have worked together since 2013, pioneering Magabook literature evangelism in Australia and unique youth programs.

Eastward Canvassing TeamEastward Music Camp Youth

Madison Missions is officially endorsed and supported by Eastward.

We have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged...
- General Conference Bulletin, vol. 5, no. 2, p. 24

Let's Make it Happen

Together we can raise up a new generation of self-supporting ministries.

We're not a ministry that will always rely on donations. However we need special help in this phase.

We are raising funds to purchase the Narbethong facility.

Our need right now is to invest into our industries and raise the funds for a deposit.

Your investment in Madison Missions will pay off as this vision becomes reality, a truly self-supporting institution, training self-supporting missionaries.

Madison is currently running a fundraising campaign at GoFundMe, for the purchase of the Abide Wellness Retreat (Highwood) facility. Please consider supporting this campaign.


Or make a general donation to Madison below:

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Payment Information


Or donate via bank deposit:

Account Name: Madison Missions Aust Ltd

BSB: 063 689

Account Number: 1028 0545

We seek your support in the form of a donation, interest-free loan or interest-bearing loan.
Donations are not tax-deductible at this time. If you require making a tax-deductible donation, please discuss this with us.


0436 385 317

Madison Missions Australia Ltd.
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