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2 days

Filming in the Garden

Ester, Beau and Ian have been busy making a garden video this week. Stay tuned for the video to come out soon!
2 days

My fall from a 20-30 meter tree

What happened today is the most painful thing I've ever experienced. But there's Someone else who experienced more pain and suffering than we can even imagine SO THAT we could experience an eternity with Him that we cannot even begin to imagine! Please please don't ignore this gift any longer! So that beeping noise was because my heart rate was shooting up from the emotion. Nurse came in wondering what was going on! Here's the quote I read THIS morning: "David’s conclusion that Saul would certainly accomplish his murderous purpose was formed without the counsel of God. Even while Saul was plotting and seeking to accomplish his destruction, the Lord was working to secure David the kingdom. God works out His plans, though to human eyes they are veiled in mystery. Men cannot understand the ways of God; and, looking at appearances, they interpret the trials and tests and provings that God permits to come upon them as things that are against them, and that will only work their ruin. Thus David looked on appearances, and not at the promises of God." PP 672.2 Thank you SO much for everyone's prayers and kind words! I'm so sorry to worry everyone. So blessed! Again God is SO good!
4 days

Watch the Ask Us Anything Session #3

This evening we live-streamed the Ask-Us-Anything session. You can watch it on our Facebook page or YouTube channel. Some really important questions were asked and we discussed the up-coming Madison Ambassador program, as well as some inspiration on the Madison School.
4 days

App Design Prototype

Here is an interactive prototype of the digital Maker Heals App which we are currently developing. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.
8 days

Fundraiser Update

We share a brief fundraiser update, announce details about the next Ask-us-Anything session, and announce new volunteer positions available.
11 days

Garlic Harvest

Today we harvested a bunch (or two 😉) of Garlic. Garlic has so many health benefits. You can also use Garlic to protect your garden by making a natural pesticide out of it. Critters and pests don’t like garlic!
11 days

A Testimony from Outreach

For a couple of months now, we have been systematically door knocking homes, offering assistance for people impacted by Covid-19. We offer help in areas ranging from food parcels, errands, yard work if elderly, help with technology etc. Our aim is to meet people, befriend them, then, eventually introduce them to our best friend Jesus. Marysville is quite a well-to-do, picturesque little town, and for a few weeks all the people we had met, although pleasantly surprised and pleased with what we were doing, said that they were fine. During this time, we were beginning to question whether all our efforts were in vain. But the Holy Spirit kept prompting us forward. One Sunday afternoon, the third week from the start of our local outreach program, my brother, youngest daughter and myself set out for Marysville. We approached one home set on a hill, and a man who had been out on his decking with friends, saw us coming and came to meet us. After our initial introduction we discovered that he and my brother had the same name. As had happened a previous week it created an instant affinity with that person. He told us that he was a Christian working in a ministry that reaches out to bikies. “Door knocking is way out of my comfort zone,” my brother told him. “It’s good to see that you are being obedient to what God is asking you to do,” the gentleman commended him. He related how there had been times when it had been raining, and he had to ride into Thomastown in Melbourne to visit bikie gangs. He had felt like not going, but always went in obedience to God. Our conversation was uplifting, and we all praised God for His leading in our lives. Before leaving, we offered to pray with him, and he heartily accepted. The Spirit of God was present. As we said our goodbyes, he invited us back anytime, and said he had decaff there for us! Before leaving, he pointed out a couple of neighbours that he felt would appreciate our help. As it turned out, one did ask for assistance with yard work. He was a 75 yr old gentleman battling with leukemia. I took my children there to help load our trailer and take tree cuttings he had to the tip. He was so pleased with how fast and thorough the job got done that he insisted on giving a donation of $50. I assured him that his donation would be used to help others. We are in regular contact now, and of help whenever he needs. Stay tuned, to enjoy this amazing journey with us! All glory to God!
16 days

The Madison Story

If you haven't already watched the Madison Story, we would highly recommend it. It is a 20 minute mini documentary on the history of Madison College in the USA and our progress on starting a Madison college here in Australia.
17 days

Keeping Busy

Time flies when we keep busy! The Madison team are extremely busy at the moment with several ministry and business projects. Please keep the team in your prayers. On the opposite end of the spectrum, here's a slow-motion shot of a tree job.
17 days

Bittersweet Experiences

Have you had recent disappointments or a bittersweet experience? Don't be discouraged, the good news is that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Closing Abide in March due to COVID was disappointing, however it has not been without its blessings. Don't give up, just keep pressing on! What bittersweet experiences have you had? Let us know in the comments below. (Isn't Edson adorable? This is his first time tasting a Strawberry. A bittersweet experience for him!)
17 days

Fundraising Campaign Launched

The fundraising campaign for the purchase of the Abide/Highwood facility is now live. Please consider supporting this worthy cause and sharing with your friends. Thank you so much for your support.
19 days

Filming for Madison Video

Yesterday we were filming content for the soon-to-be-released Madison fundraising video. Here we have Tim and Andy doing a late-night session.
20 days

A Special Announcement

The opportunity of starting a missionary school like Madison is here. And you can help make it happen! If you have a minute, please watch this special announcement video.